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KX2 Crossover
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The 2-way KICKER KX2 has optional high (speaker level) and low (line level) stereo inputs for easy integration in any system.


Ultra-low signal-to-noise ratios of >110dB and an ultra-slim chassis profile let this 18dB/octave active crossover do its job virtually unheard and unseen. The KX2 has low-pass and high-pass filters with variable crossover points from 40-300Hz.

KX2 характеристики
High Pass Crossover
18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (40-300Hz)
Low Pass Crossover
18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (40-300Hz)
Inputs / Outputs
Optional Low (Line Level) or High (Speaker Level) Stereo Input
Variable Stereo Outputs (5V rms)
С/Ш, дБ
Техническая поддержка

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